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YO-Kai Are Why!

posted Nov 5, 2015, 3:39 PM by onihaiena   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 3:42 PM ]
It’s here... the perfect Pokemon clone is here. It’s YO-Kai Watch! (Level-5 for 3DS) In YO-Kai Watch, you play as Nate, who’s life changes after he encounters the YO-Kai butler Whisper, who gives Nate the YO-Kai Watch, allowing Nate to see all the YO-Kai hiding around, as well as call some with YO-Kai Medals, in which you get them by befriending other YO-Kai. There are some pretty cool YO-Kai like the cheeky cat Jibanyan, the legendary Noko, and the lonely country YO-Kai, Komasan. Did you know? The types of YO-Kai are personality traits, giving people they stand by their feelings. You can team up your YO-Kai buddies and battle others. The game is based on the anime, which you can check out on Disney XD. The game comes out on November 6th, with more games along the way, most in Japan for now. Overall, YO-Kai Watch makes a good parallel to Pokemon and if you like Pokemon, but can’t afford it, then YO-Kai Watch for the Nintendo 3DS is for you. That’s all for this month! PLAY FRESH!!!