Do you want to know what pet you would have in a fantasy world? Well take this test to find out! (Pick only one answer for each question!)

  1) What would you feed your fantasy pet?  

  a)  rainbow sprinkle cookies

  b)  juicy steak

  c)  mushrooms

  2) Where would your fantasy pet sleep?

  a)  at the end of a rainbow

  b)  cave

  c)  mine shaft

  3) What would your fantasy pet play with?

  a)  crystal ball

  b)  fiery squeaky toy

  c)  picaxe

   4) What would you name your fantasy pet?

  a)   Sparkle Baby

  b)   Mr.Flame

  c)   Dopey

  5) What would your fantasy pet wear?

  a)  ruby slippers   

  b)  flaming  jacket
  c)  magic rain boots

  6) Who would be your fantasy pet’s best friend?

  a)  Nyan Cat

  b)  Jack Skellington

  c)  Snow white   


  7) What would be your fantasy pet’s special talent?

  a)  makes everything into a rainbow

  b)  juggles fireballs

  c)  can find valuable gems in 2 seconds

When you’re done, check down here to find your fantasy pet!

  • mostly a’s, you’ll have a unicorn!

  • mostly b’s, you’ll have a dragon!

  • mostly c’s, you’ll have a dwarf!