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Sixth Graders: Fears Vs. Realities By Erin Roman

posted Oct 21, 2015, 12:30 PM by PAVAN PREENJA

When coming into middle school, sixth graders may be anxious due to some rumors started by television shows or older siblings or cousins. Most of these are almost never true. Many rumors about middle school are overly dramatic. Here are some examples of these fears and the actual facts.

 Fear: The teachers are going to be really strict.

Reality: Teachers are actually very nice and supportive in middle school(especially in our school).

Fear: There is going to be a ton of homework.

Reality: If you finish your classwork and pay attention, you really don’t have a lot of homework and it’ll be a lot easier to do. 

Fear: The work is going to be really hard.
Reality: If you pay attention in class, making sure to understand what the teachers are saying, homework and classwork is actually very fair and quite simple. You can also attend extra help.

Fear: I am going to get lost.
Reality: Although you have many different classrooms, you can always check your class schedule, ask your homeroom teacher or someone in the office to give directions. 

Fear: The older grades might be bullies.
Reality:  While this is popular in movies the older grades in high school or any school might seem mean and rude, older grades are actually really fun and nice to get along with. I can assure you that not once has an eighth or seventh grader bullied me or any other sixth or seventh grader. This is a bully-free school, but if you or anyone you know is being bullied you should tell a trusted adult; like a teacher, your family or a counselor.