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posted Nov 18, 2015, 12:25 PM by Julia Carpio   [ updated Nov 18, 2015, 12:27 PM ]

And the student government election winners are…

And the student government election winners are…

 And the student government election winners are…

By Fiona Yuan

    The votes are in for the student government elections! There were many candidates in each grade, but only one candidate got the top spot as grade president. The candidate that won for 6th grade president is Athena Koustothonasis! The 7th grade student government spot went to Timothy Barefield! It is the 8th graders last year at Bleeker 185 so the 8th grade president serves as the senior-most president of the school.  This year the 8th grader that got the spot of student government is Allie Orzel!      

    According to student government advisor, Mr. Mace, these student government winners will have many responsibilities, some of which include working closely with the class representatives, helping to organize fundraising events, attending weekly meetings, sharing opinions and ideas from class representatives, and bringing and sharing ideas and opinions to SGA. They will also work closely with teachers and the principals to plan events and make decisions for the school.  These presidents may have their own goals too!  Seventh grade president Timothy Barefield said his goal was, “to make everyone feel happy about learning.”  So congratulations to the president of each grade who will work hard to make the school a better environment to be in.

      In addition to our class presidents, each class has a class representative that they can speak to about issues they have.  If you don’t know who your class rep is, ask your homeroom teacher or see Mr. Mace, the teacher in charge of student government in room 228.