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SCENES FROM THE FALL SPORTS SEASON!!! SCENES FROM BLEEKER’S FALL SPORTS— This fall, Bleeker sports include Boys’ Football, Girls’ Basketball, and
PingPong. Can you spot your favorite Bleeker athlete in these

Spooky Olympics

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The Spooky Olympics is the one year event every October which is very exciting. On Friday, October 30th, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were able to participate in these fun competitions. The events were the Mummy wrap, The Eyeball spoon relay, the Scooter maze, Pumpkin relay, and over and under. Each grade had at least 2 periods to compete in all the events. Each class in every grade challenged each other to see which class was going to be victorious! The class winner from 6th grade was class 603, for 7th grade it was classes 705/718+712(tie), and for 8th grade the class was 817. We asked one of our gym teachers, Mr. Graham about the event and here are some of his answers:

Q: How was the Spooky Olympics for everyone?

A: It was a lot of fun for the kids, and the other teachers too.

Q: Would you maybe want to add new events with the other Gym teachers for next year?

A: Yes, we are always open to new ideas anyone suggests.

Q: Was it a great time, did you enjoy the Spooky Olympics?

A: It was fun, everybody loved the event this year, especially the new 6th graders, everyone enjoyed it because it was the time in the year that the classes in each grade could get together and have fun. Congratulations to the winners, but we know that everyone's a winner in Jhs 185!  

Meet the Amazin' Mets! By Victoria Kuo

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Starting from April 5th, 2015 to November 1st 2015, Baseball fans are able to enjoy the excitement of eating on the couch and screaming at the TV. The World Series is an annual event, a competition between pairs of Major League baseball teams; the first team to win four games is the Champion of the United States. Last year in 2014 the San Francisco Giants won, but this time New York had another chance to win with The Mets. New memories were created on November 1st, and there was surely a winner and a loser. In game 1 and 2 of the finals, The Mets, unfortunately, lost to the Kansas City Royals. But, The Mets struck back and won last minute in Game 3. But, then again they lost the fifth game and the Royals enjoyed yet another victory, and the World Series championship.. Close to tasting triumph Matt Harvey was about to finish the season with a positive score for the Mets. All 44,859 fans in the stands watched in suspense as Dayton Moore from the Royals did something so out of character, that his team won Game 5 and won for the first time in 30 years! Maybe next time The Mets won’t let them off so easily and play a fair game. STAY CLEAR OF THE STRIKE ZONE BLEEKER!

Soccer Team

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JHS 185 now offers a soccer team. See Mr. Laforgia to join. Full article coming soon.

“We Got Wildcat Spirit!! Come On Y’All Let’s Hear It!” by Fiona McArdle 621

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The Bleeker Wildcats Basketball team is starting up and doing great! The girls team, coached by Mr. Hamilton, has a record since the be- ginning of February of 7 wins and 1 loss. As of January 20th, they are ranked

6th out of 55 teams in their division. Captains Paige Poulakis and Emma Kiley said, “We want to do better than last year because it was disappoint- ing to lose to a team that we could have beaten. I think we are doing great and we have the potential to be able to win the playoffs, if we work hard.“ Coach Hamilton said,“ This is one of the best teams if not the best team I have coached. The reason being that they play as a team and their defense

is extremely good.” The boys’ teams also are going strong with JV having a record of 2 wins so far. The boys’ teams are coached by Jonathan and Tajah. Re- cently, both girls and the Varsity boys competed in the Gatorade NBA All-Star 2015 Battle of the Boroughs tournament. The Girls made it to the semi-finals, and varsity boys made it to the second 

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